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Award of Distinction

This annual award was established by our Trustees to honour individuals across the District who have made a positive and significant contribution to public education. These dedicated individuals may include staff,  arents, volunteers, administrators, students and community members. The selection criteria is based on the Board’s Foundation Principles. Committee members have the responsibility of reviewing the nominations and ensuring the selection process is consistent. Over the years there have been many AAPSP members  nominated and presented with this Award.

Members: C. Blewett

Education Week

Each year (usually in April), the Board celebrates Education week. In preparation for this event, an AAPSP epresentative sits on the Education Week Committee. The committee helps define the scope and theme of the week as well as assist in Education Week activities.

Members: J. Rake

Job Evaluation

All positions within the AAPSP have been through a job evaluation process. The Job Evaluation Committee is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the Job Evaluation Plan. The Committee is made up of both Management and AAPSP representatives. When a new position is created, or an existing position changes, the committee will review the position description and then rank it relative to all other AAPSP positions. Once done, the findings of the Committee will be used to place the position in the appropriate Job Category and pay grid.

Members: R. Kamphus, P. Hicks

Mutual Concerns

Throughout the year, the AAPSP Executive meets with the Board to review items of Mutual Concern. These meetings address concerns of the members with the Employer, clarify issues arising from interpretation of our Agreement and share information relevant to both parties (new hires/departures, issues, regulatory changes etc.)

Members: Executive & Negotiation Representatives

Negotiations Committee

The primary function of the Negotiations Committee is to act as the group responsible for negotiating our  memorandum of Agreement. This Agreement is essentially our working contract with the Board. The Negotiating Committee solicits the membership for ideas for modifications to our Agreement and then, negotiates them with the Board. Our Agreement typically runs for a term of three years. The negotiations process may take as long as a year. Once complete, the Committee presents the Agreement to the Membership for approval and then makes sure copies of the Agreement are available to the membership (see your employee portal or (http://www.aapsp.org/). The committee is always looking for ideas in which to improve our Agreement with the  Board. Please feel free to send ideas to any committee members.

Members: R. Kamphus, G. Keathley
Social Committee

The Social Committee is one of the most active committees in AAPSP. Each year, the committee organizes various social events for members (and often their families) to participate in. Not only are these events fun, but they can be instrumental in team development and great for workplace spirit. Events have included a Children’s Christmas Party, Ice Skating, Wine Tours, Night at the Races, and Professional Development. If you are new to AAPSP, attending a social event is a great way to get to know your coworkers.

Members: S. Slaney, K. Nuckowski, W. Allen, B. Mitchell

United Way

The TVDSB annual United Way Campaign is a true reflection of our commitment to our community. We support the United Way agencies of London/Middlesex, Oxford and Elgin counties and the many community agencies hey serve. We know how important many of these services are to our students, families and staff. Being part of this committee gives members an opportunity to develop a theme, goal, and campaign plan for this District wide initiative.

Members: J. Rake, J. Marlborough

Website / Communications
The AAPSP website along with the newly launched newsletter, now provides our members with up-to-date information related to all AAPSP activities. The newsletter is issued on a quarterly basis. The website is updated as information is provided. Please visit often.

Members: B. Mitchell, K. Aitken

Members are invited to sit on all Board wide committee's. Some of the ongoing committee's are included here.